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March 26, 2013


Frequently Asked Questions
 Q: Are all items new?

 A: Yes all items are brand new unless the listing mentions otherwise.

 Q: Can I return items?
  A: Our returns policy is listed on every item and states: Returns accepted within 7 days. Contact for approval and code prior to sending. Buyer to pay return postage and insurance fees. Items arriving in perfect as sold condition will receive refund less 15% restocking fee.
 Q: How are items sourced?
  A: The vast majority of our items come from Asia and are fairly traded - this means we pay a fair price for the goods so that the makers can assure a decent livelihood and have good conditions.
 Q: Do you combine shipping costs?
  A: If items are ordered and paid for from the same buyer account we always combine ship and offer the cheapest shipping options.
 Q: What are postage costs?
  A: This will depend on size and weight of order and shipping destination, this will be calculated and added to the order as one of the last stages of the checout process.
 Q: Do your store payment information?
  A: Where customers use credit card for payment SFH stores no personal information and adheres to all relevant privacy policies.
 Q: What is your return policy?
  A: Returns accepted within 14 days. Contact for approval and code prior to sending. Buyer to pay return postage and insurance fees. Items arriving in perfect as sold condition will receive refund less 15% restocking fee.
 Q: Do you combine shipping?
  A: I always offer comined shipping and shipping discounts whenever I can!
 Q: When can I expect my order to arrive?
  A: I usually ship within two days of payment but postal delays can occur.
 Q: Do you ship internationally?    
: Most items are available for international shipping.

March 26, 2013

'Throat' singing / khoomei / overtone singing

Throat singing, overtone singing, harmonic singing, khöömei - increasing numbers of Western people are finding themselves drawn to these ethereal and intriguing sounds that have travelled into Europe and America primarily from Mongolia and Tuva in the former Soviet Union.

Most recently popularised in the West by the touring musicians Huun Huur Tu, Yat Kha, and Sainkho Namatchlyak this fascinating style of singing allows the simultaneous production of two or more notes by the same singer. This feat is accomplished by deliberate enhancement of the natural harmonics found in our voices.

Overtone singing can be safely learnt by men and women of all ages and a few simple exercises will quickly unlock the wonderful healing and meditational qualities of these unique sounds.

These techniques:
Need no prior experience and no musical ‘ability’
Can allow musical expression free from judgment
Can allow singer and listener alike to enter deep states of meditative calm and connectedness to their higher selves
Can release energy blockages and balance the energies of the chakras
Can facilitate personal journeying and transformation

Jonathan is available for 1-2-1 tuition and often leads workshops. He has also published a tuition guide and CD available in this e-store.

March 26, 2013


The Australian Aboriginal culture, whom we must thank for sharing this great instrument with us, is thought to be in excess of 100,000 years old and it is quite possible that the didgeridoo is the oldest woodwind instrument known.

Traditionally, didgeridoos (Yidaki) can be made from several types of eucalyptus tree which grow wild in much of Northern Australia. The trees are naturally hollowed out by termites, who eat up through the tree's soft centre. It is these hollow trees that are selected by the Aborigines (Yolngu), cut down and turned into didjeridoos or Yidaki. They are used by Aborigines for secret ceremonies, initiation rites and social gatherings or ‘corroborees’.

Outside of their traditional use, didjeridoos are finding a great following amongst people all over the world. The instrument has an amazing ability to invoke images of a tribal past, through the didge's primal drone sounds. Playing or listening to the rich harmonic sounds made by didjeridoos, of many types, can be both relaxing and invigorating, whilst the circular breathing used to allow continuous playing often leads to a deeply relaxed and meditative state. Medical research has shown that didj playing can lower the heart rate and blood pressure, as well as being useful for bronchial problems like asthma and sleep apnea.

The complex sounds producing when playing a didjeridoo travel beneficially through the head and down the spine, and are excellent for aligning and balancing the chakras.

Jonathan regularly leads practical didjeridoo workshops and is available for performances, one-to-one tuition, session work, school visits, etc.

March 26, 2013

Healing with sound


Sound therapy is an holistic complementary health support system based upon the ancient system of chakra balancing. Subtle put powerful results can be achieved through immersion in the sounds of instruments including; Tibetan singing bowls, vocal overtone singing, mantra and prayer, crystal singing bowls, gongs, didgeridoo, drums and light percussion instruments.


Many people and traditions believe in the presence of subtle energy fields in the body; the soul, spirit, Ka, Chi, Qi, etc. In the Hindu and Tibetan traditions this energy  is thought to travel along nadis (energy channels) and have areas of focus known as chakras (Sanskrit for 'wheel'). There is good evidence that these chakra centres have a two-way link with parts of the body and that they help govern and control these areas. There are many different thoughts on the groupings of these centres but the most common is that shown in the image below.

Each of these main chakras are thought to resonate within certain frequencies that correlate with the western musical scale C,D,E,F,G,A,B.

Working with the chakra centres can help to balance the body, mind and spirit and allow the natural healing process to begin.
Meditation, chant, and mantras that visualise and focus on the chakras can be very powerful self transformational tools.

Sound For Health regularly leads workshops that teach ancient skills and practices which will allow you to balance the energy centres of your body - leading to a calmer, clearer mind, a healthy body, and a connected spirit. If you would like to know more please use the link to contact us.


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