Chinese Gourd flute (Hulusi) in case, wonderful sound. 2 drones.

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  •  Chinese gourd flute (or Hulusi) in case, wonderful sound.
  • These flutes are direct blown and produce a wonderful 'nasal' sound.
  • The small metal reeds inside the gourd produce a wonderful oboe like sound.
  • These are good quality and have 2 drones - a high and a low which can be open or shut with sliding stoppers.
  • They are supplied in a patterned and rigid carry case - colour may vary
  • Note will vary - Bb, C, D, A so final size may vary also.
  • Technique requires more pressure than a recorder and circular breathing can be used to good effect.
  • Design may vary from picture.
  • Ethnic, fair trade sounds.

B grade stock so drones may not be in tune with main. 

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