Babel Drums - HIGH quality hand pan / tongue drums in steel

Regular price £300.00

Babel Tongue Drum measures just over 10cm high and is 26cm in diameter and weighs just over 2kgs.

Made by hand in the UK and fabricated of Stainless Steel these tongue drums are a joy to play and hold.

Fantastic clear and beautiful tones - use your fingers or the supplied ball mallets.

Manufacture to the highest standards in UK with a mirror finish - the surface which requires no maintenance and can get wet without having to worry about rust.

Comes in cloth carry / polish bag with mallets, instructions and a padded box.


Tunings are:

 A - Major Pentatonic   A3 - A4 - B3 - D♭5 - E4 - B4 - D♭4 - G♭4


 C - Pygmy  G3 - B♭4 - C4 - D5 - D#4 - C5 - D4 - G4


D - Akebono A3 - B♭4 - D4 - E5 - F4 - D5 - E4 - A4