'Throat' singing / khoomei / overtone singing

Throat singing, overtone singing, harmonic singing, khöömei - increasing numbers of Western people are finding themselves drawn to these ethereal and intriguing sounds that have travelled into Europe and America primarily from Mongolia and Tuva in the former Soviet Union.

Most recently popularised in the West by the touring musicians Huun Huur Tu, Yat Kha, and Sainkho Namatchlyak this fascinating style of singing allows the simultaneous production of two or more notes by the same singer. This feat is accomplished by deliberate enhancement of the natural harmonics found in our voices.

Overtone singing can be safely learnt by men and women of all ages and a few simple exercises will quickly unlock the wonderful healing and meditational qualities of these unique sounds.

These techniques:
Need no prior experience and no musical ‘ability’
Can allow musical expression free from judgment
Can allow singer and listener alike to enter deep states of meditative calm and connectedness to their higher selves
Can release energy blockages and balance the energies of the chakras
Can facilitate personal journeying and transformation

Jonathan is available for 1-2-1 tuition and often leads workshops. He has also published a tuition guide and CD available in this e-store.