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December 18, 2015

New demo videos

Hi all,

just uploaded some new demo videos to my channel on Youtube:

Box didgeridoo:

Hand-forged Jews Harps:

Also check out the crazy Xmas offer I'm running:

The next 12 people to buy a SuperSlider Didgeridoo get FREE lifetime access to over 80 lectures of my How to Play Didgeridoo tuition over at Udemy!




October 31, 2015

Jews Harp care

Hi all,

thought I would write a bit about caring for your jews harp. These notes are mainly for harps that are played against the teeth.

Jews harps are mostly made of metal and playing them puts quite a bit of moisture onto them so always dry them well with a cloth after playing. If not you may find rust develops on the blade or legs of the harp.

If rust occurs then clean it off with fine wire wool and use a little edible oil (corn, olive) to wipe across and dry off the excess, this will stop rust returning.

Try to avoid playing immeadiately after eating as food particles get trapped in the harp and can make rust worse or go mouldy!

Almost all metal 'teeth' played harps should be played by plucking the blade in towards the face. Plucking outwards will shorten the life of the blade and, unless very flexible, it will snap eventually.

Excessively fast or hard playing may bend the upright tang of the blade and this will change the pitch of the harp (lower). Do not attempt to bend it back without heating it to red and bending hot by using pliers otherwise it will easily snap off.

With these simple care methods you can make your favourite harp last years. I've had many of my harps for 10+ years and have never broken any.

If you have any repairs / alterations you feel you cannot make yourself please get in touch as I can repair and retune many types of jews harps.

Happy twanging!

Jonny Cope

August 18, 2015

NEW! e-learning courses launched. Learn online with lifetime access to video tuition.

Ever wanted to learn any of these skills?

Play the didgeridoo like a pro'

Play Jews Harp

Throat sing with different styles

Well now you can with our online video tuition series!
Each of these courses is secure hosted and you can quickly get access, in fact we give you a free trial so you can be sure you will love using them!
Then simply sign up and pay the once-only fee and get lifetime access to a growing library of content.
Each of the course has plenty of lectures and content and we will keep adding to them. The great part is - once you have paid for access you pay nothing more - even if we add loads more and increase the price. You just once and can get your money back if you feel in any way that these are not the best courses around for learning these type of skills.


Click here to go to SFH courses.


May 12, 2015

Playing jews harps and how to choose one!

Jews harps (or jaw harps) are very under-valued small instruments!

They are relatively easy to play and are a sure-fire way to get some attention at any musical gathering.

There are two basic types of jews harp, as shown in the picture below:

The top harp is made of one piece and these get called 'dan moi'. They are playing in front of the mouth and do not need to touch the teeth.

They have great sound and harmonics and come in many sizes and varieties. Usually the smaller they are the higher the pitch, some of the larger ones can have great sustain.

The harp underneath is a more Western style 2-part harp. This one is made from brass. These style of harps need to be played with the harp pressed against the front teeth (never between them!). Many folks prefer the direct sound and volume they get from this style and harmonics can be amazing on better quality harps. See image below for correct playing position:

Choosing a harp:

Many folks start off with a cheaper dan moi. This is a good option if you want something quick and simple and do not need to play with others in key.

Dan moi can be great for 'techno' sounding fast rhythms and sound almost electronic. Larger ones can have great sustain and deeper tones.

I personally prefer to play western style harps against my teeth as I think I get much more control of the sound and harmonics. I also now prefer to play higher quality tuned harps that are available in most keys (notes) including sharps and flats. This really opens up the possibilities and means I can play along with just about any other instrument or a band and be in tune!

Check out the great range of tuned harps

Something for most budgets!

I'll be writing more tips and sending out special deals so keep watching.

Best wishes,

Jonny Cope

April 04, 2014

Latest products added - lots of new items

We've been working hard to bring you ever more amazing World Music instruments.

They are lots of newly added items and lots more to come so keep checking the e-store for the latest goodies!




August 28, 2013


HI all,


I've just added a whole bunch of new items including new stock of the very amazing Black Fire Pro' jews harps.

These are now available in Chromatic Tunings with Sharps and Flats!

You can even buy a Diatonic set of 8 harps that pack into a lovely wooden box - perfect for all those gigs where you need several keys!

Get 'em while they're hot...


August 23, 2013


  • Many of the high quality brass harps are on special offer right now!
  • Lower prices on some of the brass best-sellers.
  • Get them while you can!

July 31, 2013

Article about Shamanic use of Jews Harps

Article here

June 20, 2013

Super Slider Didgeridoo - dropped to new GREAT price!


ONLY available to UK and Europe

JUST £240 and limited offer of FREE UK shipping!!


The SUPER SLIDER is like 11 didgeridoos in one pack!


Now you can play in most every key and even slide notes on the go.


Well crafted in resin / fibreglass with real wood mouthpieces the Super Slider packs into a professional travel bag.


The Super Slider frees didge players to experience different keys without having to change instruments. 


It is lightweight and portable (2.5kg - including bag) travel friendly and suitable for most playing situations. 


Strong and durable.  It's sound is full, resonant and has great back pressure making it easy to play toots in all keys.  




The SS comes in 4 pieces;  the main didge body, bell and the 2 slider pieces making it easy to tune. 


All packed into a professional quality padded travel bag with adjustable strap and zip pocket.



*   The main body on its own plays in the Key of G 

*   Main body and bell attached plays in the Key of E 


*   Main body and small slider plays from D to G 


*   Main body and long slider plays from A# to D#


*   Main body, bell and small slider plays from B to E


*   Main body, bell and long slider plays from A to D#


 Watch the video - go to links and select Youtube.


Or past this into browser:




Customers say:


4.5 out of 5 stars Great Instrument



I recently bought one of these over the internet, without trying first, which was a risk, but one I'm quite glad I took.
This instrument has an extensive range of keys and playing speeds, as well as the ability to drop down to a low A.
I've always used traditional termite eaten instruments and had a style of playing which suited only certain keys and instruments,but with the new super slider, I've been able to achieve a whole lot more!
The sound quality and back pressure is really good and I've even used this as an instrument of choice in the recording studio.
I would not swap mine for any of the other slider type didgeridoos on the market.


May 18, 2013

Special Offer - tuition book plus 2 jews harps for great deal price! JUST £18.99!!

Special Offer!


With TWO jews harps - one western style to play on your teeth and one eastern style to play on your lips -  JUST £18.99!!!


Learn to play these great instruments and make a nice saving with this wonderful offer - combined value of £24.99!

  • Brand new A4 portrait book with complete tuition from beginner to advanced playing.
  • 58 pages with lots of colour pictures and diagrams.
  • Gives detailed guidance for playing all the major types of jews harp and several of the rarer styles too.
  • Full audio CD with many examples to help you learn.
  • Learn how to play these great instruments and even how to play tunes.
  • Example notation for several folk tunes.
  • Real bound book with semi rigid cover and quality printing throughout.