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What we offer

Jews Harps

Jews Harps

One of the most over-looked small instruments!

We sell high quality jaw harps from just £10 right through to Pro' level ones at over £100.

We only sell instruments we would be happy to play ourselves and source the best new makers throughout the world to  open your eyes and ears to these amazing little instruments.

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Jonny started as (and still is) a professional didgeridoo player so we stock instruments that you know will do what they should. We are especially pleased with our new multi-note travel versions!

We also stock a range of tuition materials that are best-sellers.

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and everything else..

and everything else..

We also stock a growing range of wind instruments and small percussion - especially things that you might not find in your everyday music store.

From Chinese Bawu flutes, Slovakian overtone flutes and whistles through to cas-cas, shakers, rattles and a whole lot more.

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Didgeridoo - Large root end style in D# Didgeridoo - Aboriginal made Yidaki in F Didgeridoo - black hemp in F Didgeridoo 'TravelDoo Pro 2' - AWESOME travel size multi-note didge!! Free gift

Brand new

Multi-note TravelDoo Pro2

The didge that does it all. Play in most keys and styles and fits into a 55cm bag that you can carry onto a plane!

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I haven't put this thing down since it arrived. It seems to be making me play quite differently to nomal. I'm striking in the opposite direction and just using my lips most of the time. Rather than just amplifying the harp, I'm finding new soft and sweet timbres coming from the horn and playing with more drive. Bravo to Jonny for taking the trouble to make these- Respect!!

D Ross

Estonian jaw harps:

These are amongst the best value for money of the lot. Superlative, very expressive tone, rich in overtones and fairly loud too. I'm especially fond of the harps that are in a low register. Most people would approach them as they might a didgeridoo, for providing deep, ponderous drones. I like to experiment with them for playing waltzes, polkas, mazurkas, reels etc, and explore the ornaments and gracings and "rappels" that I can fit into a tune.
They're wonderful harps.

R Scales

Estonian jaw harps:

These harps just ooze quality. They come supplied with a wooden block with leather strap which is just perfect for protection and transportation. They sit comfortably in the hand and from the first sound you know you have a quality harp. The harmonics are delivered clearly and with volume which makes these perfectly suitable for both melodic and modern dance/electronic styles. I can only think of one problem with these harps...and that is you are going to want the whole set!

P Gardner