How to Khoomei - Throat singing tuition Book & CD

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Professional overtone singing tuition book & CD.

Learn how to sing with 2 notes at once!!

Detailed exercises in an illustrated 64 page book and 43 tracks of examples on the CD.

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Increasing numbers of people are finding themselves drawn to the ethereal and intriguing sounds that have travelled into Europe and America, primarily from Mongolia and Tuva in the former Soviet Union. Most recently popularised in the West by the touring musicians Huun Huur Tu, Yat Kha, and Sainkho Namatchlyak this fascinating style* of singing allows the simultaneous production of two or more notes by the same singer. This astounding feat is accomplished by deliberate enhancement of the natural harmonics found in our voices. The voice, mouth, lips, teeth, jaw, throat, tongue, lungs and diaphragm can all be used in a subtle and complex concert that will allow you to produce these wonderful sounds. This book will lead you through the whole process in easy-to-follow sections with plenty of illustrations, whilst the enclosed CD will allow you to hear the sounds you should be making at each stage.  *Actually many styles, as we will see.

Author Jonathan Cope has studied overtone singing for the last fifteen years and has trained with many of the leaders in this field.

Khoomei, mongolian singing, throat singing, overtone chanting, harmonic chant, Tibetan chant.

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