Play the didgeridoo - DVD LEARN FAST! Didjeridoo.

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Play the didgeridoo - brand new and sealed tuition DVD.

From Beginner to Advanced in easy stages.

Nine chapters take you from information about the didgeridoo into basic beginnings through to very advanced styles of play. A revolutionary approach using The Five Engines - a unique way to quickly master all the many types of sounds that are possible with this great instrument.

All the techniques are explained clearly and shot from several angles so you can rapidly advance your playing!

1. Intro and Origins

2. Choosing a Didgeridoo

3. Mouthpieces: adjusting & making

4. The Basic Drone

5. The Five Engines

6. Circular Breathing: in-depth tutorials

7. Rhythm Building: master four rhythms

8. Advanced Exercises: taking it further

9. Outro & info


This great DVD as above deals with the Five Engines, this covers:

1. The Diaphragm - Push, Slap & Ka

2. Cheeks - Squeeze, Wap and Double Wap

3. Tongue - Slide, Tap and Trill

4. Voice - Hums, Rattles, Screams and Calls

5. Jaw/Lip - Toots, Drop and Chew.

DVD is brand new and sealed.

NTSC region 0 means it will play in 95%+ of players the world over! This really is a most comprehensive DVD - Invaluable to any Didgeridoo player. This item would make a great gift! Takes you through all the stages of playing from beginner to circular breathing with lots of tips and sounds to help you learn to play the didjeridoo.

Professional didge player and teacher Jonny Cope provides over 85 minutes of great tuition to rapidly advance your playing - step by step at your own speed.

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