Didge Super Slider Pro series - AWESOME travel pack multi-note didgeridoo!!

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Order now and get FREE access to your choice of one my Udemy streamed didgeridoo tuition series!!

AND FREE UK delivery!

(Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced).

The brand NEW SuperSlider Pro - the answer to all your didgeridoo desires!

Like 12 didgeridoos in one pack!

Now you can play in most every key! (High G# to very low G# ).

Well crafted in resin / fibreglass with real wood mouthpiece (Dia 30mm) the SuperSlider packs into a professional travel bag with a strap and pocket. We up-graded the Pro with quality aluminium screw fittings and an anodised black aluminium slider tube and extension.

The SuperSlider Pro frees didge players to experience different keys without having to change instruments. 

It is lightweight and portable (around 3kg - including bag) travel friendly and suitable for most playing situations. 

Strong and durable.  It's sound is full, resonant and has great back pressure making it easy to play toots in all keys.  Put it together in several configurations for different playing styles and pressure - from short fast and funky to long low and mellow! The longest options make multi-drone playing possible too!

Keys are not marked on slider as each player will use different pressure, mark your own keys if you need those.

Important: Buyers in locations outside mainland Europe will need to contact us for a shipping quote prior to purchase.


The S.S Pro comes in 5 pieces;  the main body part, a large 'bell' section and the slider pipe with wooden mouthpiece and extension tube. 

All packed into a professional quality padded travel bag with adjustable strap and zip pocket.

Dr Didge Super Slider Pro

Specs : Keys G#- G#.

Made from carbon fibre with aluminium fittings and sliders.

Colours: black, ochre brown, blue, earth green.

2 piece yidaki with 3 piece detachable aluminium sliders.

Sliders : short 54cm, long 103cm, extra long 133cm.

Body only : 138cm, mouthpiece 30mm, bell 100mm, key G and with short slider in E- G#, with long slider in B-E and extra long slider A-C#.

Body with big bell :189.5cm, mouthpiece 30mm, bell 180mm, key E, with small slider in D#-G, with long slider in A#-D# and extra long G#-C.

Sliders : short 54cm, long 103cm, extra long 133cm.

Carry bag included.

Total weight 3.5 kg.

Shipping costs to your location will be added at check out.

Please note: due to length the shipping costs for World are £100.


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