Paradolia - A visual meditation DVD. Wonderful images

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Mandalas and kaleidoscopic images of symmetry in nature that reveal flower and tree spirits, nature guardians and angelic beings.

Over 400 stunning full-colour images and a beautifully meditative sound-track of harmonic overtone singing for a truly immersive and mesmerising audio-visual experience.

Over four years in the making, the images inspire a journey to the centre - to the within and the without, to connect ourselves to the beauty that surrounds us once we truly open our eyes to look.

All images were created by digitally layering photographs of natural forms: plants, trees, rocks, water, sky, animals, etc.
This complex process brings forth divine symmetry born of sacred geometry and allows us to glimpse the living energy inherent in all creation.

DVD contains no spoken language - just pure harmonic overtones sung by Jonathan Cope.

Language: Universal   Aspect: 16:9    Running time: 80 mins.    Region: 0 NTSC  

Will play in 95% of modern players and computers

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