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Jewsaphone - 21st Century re-make of this classic jews harp amplifier!

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The 'Jewsaphone'


A 21st Century re-make of this classic jews harp amplifier!

Originally made in the 1930's the Jewsaphone has become quite a rare and sought after item so I though I'd reinvent it for modern times. The original was made of aluminium and featured a low quality harp permanently affixed on top.

Computer modelled and printed in food-safe plastic using a 3D printer these take over 12 hours to make.

Using the clamping system of wing-nuts it is easy to fix in almost any jaw harp and amplify its sound with the bell.

These stand approx. 18cm high and are supplied without a harp (used in photo for illustration only). The plastic bell is approx 13cm diameter and the top clamp part comes off to allow the easy fixing of the harp.

An extra bonus is that, due to the clamp, you can play against your lips or your teeth.

Please note that you cannot buy just a clamp on it's own (unless you already bought a Jewsaphone). Clamps may only be purchased as an add-on to an order of any of the full Jewsaphone versions with standard clamp. This is to ensure proper fitting and function across the range.

Standard versionThe bell will be supplied either gold or silver coloured and head clamp colours are black, yellow, blue, red or white. If you have a clamp colour preference tell me when ordering and I'll try to match your wishes. The interior of the bell will be either black, yellow or white.

Double clamp version - for folks who want to play several different harps you get one bell and two head clamps. You can fix your harps onto the head clamps and change over in 5 seconds, pull off one head clamp & harp and put the other one one! Specify any two clamps of your choice (use notes).

Dan moi head clamp - fits most sizes of dan moi style harps. These are currently only supplied in yellow but other colours may be availble by special order.

Large harp clamp converter - Extra wide headclamp to fit larger harps. These are currently only supplied in yellow or black but other colours may be available by special order. 

Large harp clamp converter - Headclamp top plate only to allow the tang of larger harps to fit without clacking against the clamp. These are currently only supplied in yellow but other colours may be available by special order. Only needed if you already have a standard version.

Brass metal bell version - comes with standard headclamp in black, yellow or white, other colours by special order. The bells are reclaimed trumpets so they will have small dents, scratches, areas sanded down, etc. They are approx 11cm diameter bell.

Extra standard head clamp - clamp only and this option can only be purchased as an extra to either a standard or brassy bell Jewsaphone, not on their own.

Munnharpe clamp - clamp for Norwegian style Munnharpe frames.

A whole heap of fun and quite the talking point at your next gig!

Great for busking too...

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