Replacement blades for brass harps (only the ones in this shop)

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  • Replacement tang or blade for cast brass jews harps
  • These will only fit the harps sold in this shop.
  • LONG will fit the 'Yakut', 'Large Brass' and 'Flat' models
  • MEDIUM will fit the 'Small Special' only
  • SHORT will fit the 'Oval' and 'Small Brass' models
  • The harps are hand made and can vary slightly so the blades may need slight filing for best fit.
  • The LONG blades will leave a protruding end on the Yakut and Flat models, this will not affect sound and you can leave one or grind off.
  1. On flat surface place scredriver in screw and give slight tap with a hammer
  2. Carefully unscrew and keep the screws safe
  3. Remove old blade
  4. Set in new blade, checking for fit and filing where necessary
  5. Set in blade and reposition plate (if any) and screw(s)
  6. Hand tighten screw(s) and keep checking blade for position
  7. Once in place and clean sound is achieved tighten up the screw until very tight
  8. Place a drop of superglue into the gap where the blade goes into the frame

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