Ceremonial Horn - real horn trumpet. Bull horn, Ox horn. Viking horn.

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This handmade Oxhorn blowing horn has been crafted in the time-honoured style that dates back to Viking days. 

Made from a single bull horn. The mouthpiece is prepared by cutting off the tip of the horn and making two drill cuts, to create the rim and cup design similar to that of brass instruments.  The horn is then given a light sanding and polish to bring out it’s natural beauty whilst retaining that rustic appearance.  A leather hanging strap is added to complete the look.

Traditionally used more for signalling than for music, horns have been used as sounding cries by many ancient societies - as a means of spreading messages, summoning people to meetings or festivals or to warn people of your approach.

The bugle, a modern day descendant of the blowing horn, is used to call out orders in military camps or even scout camps, whilst as a hunting horn it is used to flush out game.

Whatever your designs for this large bugle we are sure you will enjoy the deep resonant sound produced from these horns.

Please note: horn is a natural product so these horns will vary in colour and texture from photos. They will have areas of roughness, marks and scratches were the animals fought each other! All natural blemishes are what make them have character as no two are alike.

The medium horns are polished and approx. 40cm in length and the XL are approx. 55-65cm+.

To play:

Blowing a Viking horn is a simple process of using the instrument's natural shape to create a unique booming sound and is similar to blowing air through a trumpet.

  • Hold the horn close to the mouthpiece with one hand and towards the centre of the instrument with your other hand to ensure stability.

  • Purse your lips tightly against the edges of the mouthpiece, holding your lips straight and tight and close together.

  • Blow strongly and consistently into the mouthpiece while pursing your lips. Your lip's vibrations will create a buzzing sound in the mouthpiece that resonates throughout the instrument.

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