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Jew Harp tuition online video course (DON'T ADD TO CART) pls read

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  • Ever wanted to play a small musical instrument?
  • Want to amaze friends and family with your musical skills?

The Jews harp could be for you!

Also known as the jaw harp / mouth harp these small instruments are pretty easy to pick up and play. This course will assume a fair amount of previous experience, whether you took my basic course or already have some skills.

You will also need an instrument - and as we will be learning more advanced skills a 'Snoopy' harp or similar just will not make the grade. You'll need a quality instrument - I will tell you where you can find them and what to look for.

The lectures will take you through easy to understand exercises so you can quickly improve your skills with these great little instruments.

We'll start off checking that you have the skills to progress and then get on with it!

We will be learning all those crazy tricks and effects you've maybe seen on YouTube but will also be learning how to play in various styles and on several different sorts of instrument, including some pretty rare ones.

Basically this course should provide all the inspiration and tuition all you need do is provide yourself and a willingness to learn!

What are you waiting for?

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